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Hovercraft used for Mass Transit

List of hovercraft used for transportation.

Atlas Hovercraft is based in Florida and President Kurt Peterson has been working on a system of hovercrafts to connect much of Northeast Florida.

A hovercraft has been proposed for a Gary to Chicago route. Link A hovercraft floating over Lake Michigan from Gary's shores to Chicago's harbor would take 15 minutes and cost $7 per passenger, said John Ramirez.

Hovercraft Tours

Broome Hovercraft offer a variety of tours within Roebuck Bay, generally only on lower tides to give their passengers an amphibious effect of flying on the tidal flats and the sea. All of the tours are accompanied by witty and educational commentary, taking in the amazing biodiversity of the bay along with a magnificent array of migratory wader birds and some very old, preserved dinosaur footprint trails.


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