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Hovercraft Video Games

There have been manyl hovercraft video games created over the years. This page lists all known games. If you don't see a game listed please let us know and we will add it.

Fatal Inertia is a futuristic hybrid of street racing, rally, and demolition derby

Half-Life 2 - has a bit where you have to go on a hovercraft.

Pursuit Force.

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice has been given a summer 2007 European release date.

Ice Storm Fighters Game Technology Demo - a multiprocessor game demonstration from Intel.

Kid Chameleon - is a video game released for the Mega Drive/Genesis. The premise of the game is that the main character "Kid Chameleon" can use masks to change into different characters in order to use different abilities. It is a platform game.

H-Craft Championship is a new game from a couple of German game designers.

Sonic Riders - Sonic the Hedgehog rides a hoverboard, also called an air board.

EyeToy: Antigrav

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Jak II, Jak has a hoverboard that is called a Jet Board

Jand III, One year has passed since Jak and Daxter saved Haven City from Kor and the attacking Metal Heads.

Unreal Tournament 2007

Rocket Power: Beach Bandits

The Playstation 2 game Airblade was based completely around a hoverboard using next generaton anti-gravity technology.

In the video game Final Fantasy VIII, the character Zell Dincht is briefly seen riding a hoverboard-like device.

Xbox Live Arcade game Street Trace NYC is a futuristic hoverboard combat racing game.

Hover! (video game) - Hover! is a video game that came bundled with Windows 95. It was a showcase for the advanced multimedia capabilities available on personal computers at the time. While primitive by today's standards, Hover! was a landmark in home computer development.

Enter the Matrix - Insane driving, stunts, and the chance to pilot the fastest hovercraft in the fleet make this an incredible game.

Bumper Craft - A Chemical plant has started production on the top of the river. Chemicals have now started polluting the river and you are the only one who can stop it with your home made hovercraft.

True Human Designs - A small 3d-game for 2 players where each player steers a hovercraft on ice only by turning on/off it's four engines. Quite hard to navigate with some nice reflecting ice. You should have a video card supporting shaders to run the game with all effects, if you don't have that, turn off shaders in settings.txt.

Diddy Kong Racing - Timber the Tiger's parents picked a fine time to go on vacation. When they come back they're going to be faced with an island trashed by the spiteful space bully Wizpig - unless the local animals can do something about it! So join Diddy Kong as he teams up with Timber the Tiger Pipsy the Mouse and Taj the Genie in an epic racing adventure unlike anything you've ever experienced before! This unique game blends adventure and racing like no other game! Roam anywhere you want on the island by car plane or hovercraft! An enormous amount of single-player and multi-player modes! Diddy Kong Racing comes to the DS with a new look and controls.

Hoverboard ASDF is a South Korean-developed online racing video game. It involves the use of hoverboards. The goal is for the player to win in a race against other players and win credits (known as Wiz) which can be spent on various power-ups and aesthetic items. Players also receive experience based on what rank they receive while racing. This contributes to their levels. Upon each level, points are given to distribute to a few stats including acceleration, speed and turning. So far the game is being developed in English. In the English version of the game many features are missing such as engines. The Korean version of the game however is the full version. However, it is very hard to access without knowing Korean. The instructions on getting to the webpage are in Korean. So far no translation has been made public. Users also need a Korean national identification number. The game was shut down on 31 May 2005.

Donkey Kong Country 2 - Let the Kremling-crushin' commence with more than 50 levels in nine worlds, all-new minigames and two-player mode! In a world where ostriches wear tennis shoes, KAOS is on the rampage and you must use Dixie's and sidekick Kiddy's unique skills to save the day.

The beloved side-scrollin' sequel to Donkey Kong Country 1 & 2 is now in the palm of your hands! Use Dixie Kong's and Kiddy Kong's unique abilities like the water skip and helicopter spin to go ape on the baddies.

Baron K. Roolenstein, the leader of the Kremlings, had kidnapped Donkey and Diddy. To rescue them, Dixie and Kiddy must run, roll, hop, and swing across enemy-infested stages.

A ninth world, Pacifica, has been added to the original eight worlds. Pacifica includes six all-new levels--set from the deepest drain pipes to the tallest treetops--and adds two to three hours of brand-new gameplay.

Play all-new mini-games to earn money and items. Compete in a series of boat races in Funky's Challenge, use a shield to block an onslaught of spiked creatures in Cranky's Dojo, or race through tunnels collecting stars in Swanky's Dash. Plus, the game looks great on the Game Boy Advance!

Nuclear Rush: A simulation in which users pilot a hovercraft in a futuristic war for the old Sega VR system. “Nuclear Rush” is believed to be the game showcased in this promotional commercial which featured the Sega VR: http://www.retrojunk.com/details_commercial/2680/


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