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Hovercraft was formed in 1993 by Sadie 7 and Cambell 2000. Previously they had played together in Space Helmet which was formed when Sadie first moved to Seattle. Also in Space Helmet was Cambell's brother and other members of the band Magnog. After Space Helmet broke up, Cambell moved to New York only to move back to Seattle. Hovercraft released one single, "0,0,0,1" with their first drummer Jerome230 aka Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam and Sadie's husband). After he left the band, they took a year and a half break before they found a new drummer named Carl. With Carl they recorded "Stereo Specific Polymerization" were on Repellint Records. But in 1997 they went to Mute America Records with "Akathisia". Later dash 11 replaced Carl completing the band. Their latest album "Experiment Below" came out after 5 years of work and thought. Durring one tour Sadie's husband Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam sat in on drums. He also has an alias for the band, but I'm not sure what it is at the moment.

Zero Zero Zero One, 7" on Repellant Records, 1995.
Hovercraft, 10" on Repellant Records, 1996.
Akathisia, CD/LP on Mute Records, 1997
Hovercraft/Scanner Remixes, CD LP on Mute Records, 1997.
Experiment Below, CD LP on Mute Records, 1998.

Hovercraft - Akathisia
Released in February 1997 on the Mute U.S. label, the album features five tracks.

Track Listings
1. Quiet Room (44)
2. Angular Momentum
3. Haloparidol
4. Vagus Nerve
5. De-Orbit Burn

Editorial Review from Amazon.com
The debut album by the Seattle trio Hovercraft isn't exactly everyone's bottle of Nyquil. With five instrumentals spread out over nearly 65 minutes, even dedicated space-rock fans might find their attention wandering at times. The grooves range from lulling to ethereal to downright somnambulistic. And as might be expected from a set of improvised music recorded live in one take, more than a few ideas crash and burn on the launch pad. On the other hand, if modern lo-fi psychedelic excursions are your thing, Hovercraft may well be your ticket to the dark side of the moon. The trippy combo first came together in 1993, and its members prefer to be known by the ridiculous robotic handles of Campbell 2000 (guitar), Sadie 7 (bass), and Karl 3-30 (drums), in part to avoid critics constantly noting that Sadie is in fact Mrs. Eddie Vedder. (Oops, sorry, did it again.) But while listeners might accuse Hovercraft of sounding like Hawkwind circa In Search of Space no one will ever mistake droning ditties like "quiet room (44)" and "de-orbit burn" for "Evenflow" or "Jeremy." If you ask me, Campbell ought to drop the pseudonym, come forward, and take a bow, because he's an imaginative guitarist with an impressive arsenal of weird tones at his command. Using homemade tape-loop devices, jury-rigged effects pedals, and "absolutely nothing digital" (a point of pride), Campbell conjures the sounds of satellites making love, radar systems retching, and synthesizers waking up in the morning. Even if akathisia drags in spots, Campbell makes it worth your while to stay with it, because let's face it: It ain't every day you hear those sorts of things. Jim Derogatis

Hovercraft - Experiment Below
Released in September 1998 on the Mute U.S Label, the album features seven tracks.

Track Listings
1. Anthropod
2. Phantom Limb
3. Transmitter Down
4. Endoradiosonde
5. Benzedrine
6. Wire Trace
7. Epoxy

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"The Hovercraft Diaries". Written, recorded, produced and performed by singer/songwriter/producer Lance Davis (formerly of Sheltondavis) and guitarist Chris Horne, Latebloom possesses a raw, pure energy with a sassy sound and positive message.


The Minneapolis based band firetrucs released an album in 2002 titled Hovercraft LP. The band hasn't done anything in a while, but they do have a myspace profile. There songs are available from iTunes and CDBaby. The CD can also be purchased at Amazon.

Track Listings
1. All I Need
2. Motorcar
3. Hats Off to (Rivers) Cuomo
4. Telephone
5. No Sound
6. Two to be Twisted
7. Anthumb '02
8. Hovercraft
9. Downtown
10. Breathe