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HoverCraft Movies

Hovercraft or Hovercraft relation devices used in movies.

James Bond in "Die another day" uses a 'military' hovercraft to make his getaway from North Korean camp guards.

From Justin to Kelly has a hovercraft racing scene.

Jackie Chan’s amusing Rumble in the Bronx featured a fantastic action sequence involving a massive hovercraft barreling down a city street.

Fantastic Argoman. He's a super-hero, this Argoman, but not of the usual kind because he uses telekinesis. When, for instance, a pretty lady happens to drive a Hovercraft over the ocean next to Argoman's very stylish beach house/bachelor pad he just wills the Hovercraft onto his beach, picks up the lady and let her land in his lap.

Hoverboards were first introduced in the films Back to the Future Part II in 1989, and Back to the Future Part III in 1990.



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