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Burden Brothers Hovercraft

Gettin' High by Flying Low!

Burden Brothers

Welcome to the home of the Burden Brothers Hovercraft.

The Burden Brothers Hovercraft is a single engine personal hovercraft that was built in approximately 2 weeks. The construction time was rushed in order to have it ready for the Stubbs BBQ show on May 10th of 2002.

It is based on the 10F design from Universal Hovercraft and it can travel over any relatively flat surface. It has a top speed of about 25 MPH and does not have any brakes.


The hovercraft was built to help promote the Burden Brothers. The idea came from seeing the Burden Brothers race car that was present during SXSW (South by Southwest) 2002. The car was all black with the large BB logo on the front. You can see a picture of it here. We figured we could build a hovercraft to match the race car. The band was approached and they thought it was a good idea and even provided the flame logo seen above.


You can hear more about the hovercraft on the Burden Brothers RYFLAMF DVD extras.

Hovercraft Pictures

Lake Sommerville Hoverin - Nails Creek State Park Ledbetter, TX May 30th, 2004

The Pier on Lake Austin - Austin, TX September 6th, 2003

Gypsy Tea Room - Dallas, TX August 2nd, 2003

Dallas Hoverin - Lake Lewisville, TX January 25th, 2003

Stubbs BBQ - Austin, TX December 13th, 2002

Fall Hovering Austin, TX November 2002

After the Texas floods Jonestown, TX July 13th, 2002

Lake Travis - Austin, TX June 16th, 2002

First Flight! Jonestown, TX May 26th, 2002

Stubbs BBQ - Austin, TX May 10th, 2002

Hovercraft Construction March and May, 2002

Other Stuff

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