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Hover Disc

Flip it, throw it, spin it -- the Hover Disc floats, hovers and defies gravity!


Toss it, roll it, bounce it off a wall -- invent your own tricks and games! The Hover Disc inflates to an enormous 3 feet in diameter! Just fill it with air or helium and you're ready to go! The Hover Disc is made with a high strength material that is designed to last! Not only is the Hover Disc durable, it's refillable so you can enjoy it over and over again

There are several different versions of the Hover Disc available. Please select which one you would like to purchase.

Star Wars: Darth Vader Hover Disc

Vertigo Hover Disc

Space Invasion Hover Disc

Batman Crime Fighter Hover Disc

Batman Caped Crusader Hover Disc

Spiderman Hover Disc

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