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Hover Disc Instructions

  1. To inflate the Hover Disc, simply insert the helium* tank's inflation nozzle into the Hover Disc's fill valve. Fill with helium until the skin of the Hover Disc tightens slightly. If the skin wrinkles, smooth it out evenly by spreading the skin around the outer support rod.
  2. Lift the Hover Disc and see if it floats. Ideally, the Hover Disc should slowly sink. If it floats upward, you may have overfilled it. Overfilling may cause the support rod to warp or bend. If this is the case, just let some helium out by inserting the included plastic tube into the Hover Disc fill valve (Make sure the tube extends at least 7-incehs into the valve).
  3. You can also inflate the Hover Disc with air - it won't hover, but you will be able to throw it like a flying disc. Inflate with an air pump, or blow air into it by using the included plastic tube.
  4. The Hover Disc valve seals automatically. However, if you want the Hover Disc to look more aeordynamic, you can fold over the fill valve and tape it down.
  5. Over time, it is normal for the Hover Disc to lose helium. Simply refill with air or helium.
  6. If your Hover Disc gets punctured or develops a small tear, cover the hole with clear packing tape. Warning: If the outer support rod breaks, discard the product immediately and purchase a new one.
  7. The Hover Disc is designed for indoor. If you choose to play with your Hover Disc outside, be careful - even slight wind can carry your Hover Disc away!

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* You can fill your Hover Disc with Helium at any store that sells balloons including most grocery stores, florists, and pary stores. You can also buy disposable helium tanks at many large retailers, toy stores and party stores.