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With a Hoveround power wheelchair or scooter, you'll have the kind of freedom and independence you deserve. With go-anywhere mobility, you'll feel like you're back in control of your life again! You can get around your home, outdoors - or go places, it's portable.

5 Reasons Why:

1. Independence
Maintain control over your life. Whether you miss the simple pleasures of doing things for yourself or long for the chance to try new adventures, you deserve a Hoveround.

2. Mobility
You don't want to settle for getting less out of life because you can't join in. Getting out and about in a Hoveround is a great way to reconnect with your family and friends, doing the things you love to do.

3. Easy to use
Get around in your home with ease. You'll be able to navigate easily and turn in tight spaces, thanks to our unique "round" design.

4. All day comfort
You can sit comfortably all day long. You'll feel cushioned and supported because of our unique seat design.

5. Made in the USA

Hoveround is built to last in America and is backed by our complete customer service for the life of the chair.

Compact Wheelchair Design

Hoveround was the first to build a power wheelchair with a narrow design and rounded front that lets your patients turn corners easily and navigate even in small spaces like hallways and bathrooms. We call it - "Round for a Reason™" design. Other power wheelchairs can be bulky and square, making it impossible to maneuver in tight spaces like doorways and around furniture in their home.