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Hover Cam


HoverCam Ltd specialise in providing its customers with new three dimentional photographic tools giving a hitherto unknown freedom of movement and choice of camera positions, allowing all our customers to plan and create the shots excacty as they visualise them.

HoverCam Ltd is able to offer its customers these range of shots due to its unique five foot long radio controlled helicopters, which are just like the real thing - just smaller!

HoverCam is capable of hovering, flying forwards or backwards, sideways, up or down and rotating horizontally. In addition to the highly manoeuvrable machine, the camera may be panned and tilted individually in a gyro stabilised mount.

The creative director can "Fly" with the camera using the optional video assist, sent live by microwave downlink. Aerial filming and photography have entered a new era.

Shooting 16mm, super 16 or 35mm film or 3CCD video (TV), HoverCam® will achieve breath-taking shots which will grab your audience's attention!

Hover Cam!