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UH-10F First Water Test

David, Rob, and Myself putting her in launch position on the boatramp.

hovercraft launch

Time to suit up and get ready to launch.

hovercraft life vest


hovercraft engine start

There I go! Straight out into the lake.

hovercraft lake

Uh-oh!. Rob did say I should keep it close to the shore, but I didn't listen. There was some propellor trouble, but thank god someone was there with a jet ski to tow me back to the boat ramp. I was REAL nervous at that point because we never tested it to see if it would float. It did.

hovercraft failure

After a few modifications, I am ready for the next launch.


Rob says "Just put her on cushion and I will spin you around"... Okay


So there I go again, but this time I keep it close to the shore.

hovercraft flight

After a few fun turns I bring her back in for a perfect landing.


Okay Rob, your turn to take her for a spin. Don't forget the helmet!

So I sez... "Just put her on cushion and I will spin you around".

And there he goes!

Oh no, more propellor trouble. At least he kept it close to the shore, so I wade out and pull him back in.

Back in the shop for a couple of modifications. We need to fix the propellor so it doesn't spin on the shaft. I also cut off the top of the lift box in order to move it up another inch or two to give it her more lift.

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