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UH-10F First Test Flight

You can see there is still some work to be done on the craft. It still doesn't have a propellor guard and a paint job.

Here I am running into the curb. After two unsuccessful takeoffs we realized that the craft was just sliding off the side of the street as soon it got on cushion. The street has a crown on it. I slid into my driveway first, then into the curb across the street before we finally started from the middle of the road.

Here I am getting it a bit sideways coming back down the street.

Some more pictures.

The following pictures are of Rob taking the craft for a spin. Rob was the co-builder of the 10F.


We should have done the test flight somewhere else, but it was convenient to do it in the street in front of my house. I was going to Las Vegas the next day and we really wanted to fly it before I left. There isn't enough room to maneuver on the street and it street really tears up the skirt when you don't know how to stop properly. I also didn't like the steering set up so I changed it to a push pull cable.

Many thanks to Rob for taking the pictures

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